Outstanding School Administrator

The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding administrative support for music education. This award is given to individuals who have demonstrated active, ongoing support for balanced music programs. Nominations must be submitted by an NMEA member. The application deadline is October 1 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time.

Submit a Nomination


This award recognizes administrative support for music education and will be made to an individual who has demonstrated active, ongoing support for balanced music programs. Please be sure to read through the criteria as all materials are needed to submit your nomination.

1. Nominations must be submitted by an NMEA member.

2. Resume of the candidate including education and employment history must be included.

3. Nominators must include a summary of reasons why they feel the candidate should receive this award.

4. This nomination must also include two or more letters of endorsement explaining why this administrator should receive this award. These must be collected by the primary nominator and uploaded to the nomination form below. Letters could be from community members, parents, or colleagues.

The submission period has closed.






 Brent Hollinger

 Cross County Community Schools


 Damen Kent Kugel

 Bruning-Davenport Schools


 Ryon Nilson

 Creighton Community Schools


 Michael Sieh

 Stanton Community Schools (retired)


 Ann Davis

 Omaha Public Schools


 Ken Heinz

 Weeping Water Public School


 Jeremy Moore

 VJ & Angela Skutt Catholic High School 


 Randy Wiese

 Ashland-Greenwood High School


 Ed Bennett

 Omaha Central High School


 John Harris

 Wahoo Middle School


 Brad Jacobsen

 Ashland-Greenwood Schools


 Dennis Mann

 Lincoln East High School


 Harvey Birky

 Gretna Middle School


 Chris Arent

 Wahoo High School


 Richard Kolowski

 Millard West High School


 Dave Collins

 Omaha Bryan High School


 Phil Dudley

 Hastings College


 Claudianna Todd

 Omaha Public Schools


 Edwin Hollinger

 Hemingford Schools


 Galen Boldt

 Norris Public Schools


 Donald Johnson

 Fort Calhoun Schools


 Maurie Deines

 Gering Middle School


 David Melick

 Schuyler Schools


 Sister Barbara Ficenec 

 Bennington Jr/Sr High School


 Mary McGuire

 St. Wenceslaus School, Omaha


 Kirk Eledge

 Gretna Schools


 Ronald Witt

 Millard Public Schools


 David Van Horn

 Irving Middle School, Lincoln


 Richard Kraus

 Lincoln East Jr/Sr High School