Consider a Career in Music Education

Are you a high school student considering a career in music education? Or maybe you're a parent of a student with dreams of becoming a music teacher? NMEA has compiled a list of resources to help you make your decision with information on the rewards of a career in music education as well as tips for getting started on your journey along with additional resources.



The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) has joined other leading music education organizations to launch, a groundbreaking online resource for music enthusiasts and educators. This innovative platform is poised to transform the landscape of music education by providing an accessible hub for students, parents, counselors, teachers, and anyone passionate about the world of music education. was created to help anyone in the career decision-making process have access to information and resources to support a student’s successful journey to becoming a music educator. The website addresses and reaffirms the many questions that may be on the minds of those exploring a career in music education, such as, “Do I love music? Do I enjoy helping others and making a difference in my school and community? Do I see myself as a leader? Do I like learning about different styles of music and different cultures? Do I want to connect with other musicians and build a network? Do I want a career where I can inspire others and improve the world?”

The new website features a “choose your own adventure” interface and offers a range of valuable tools and resources to help students and their support networks determine a pathway toward teaching music.

  • For Students: Information includes the Three Steps to a Life-Changing Career, including preparation, application/audition process, and what to expect as a music education major.
  • For Parents: Information includes college preparation, cost of college, federal student aid, local aid, and additional resources, including loan forgiveness and tax credits.
  • For Guidance Counselors: Information on why music education is a valuable and sustainable career pathway for students and information on other careers in the music profession.

Share this brochure with school counselors, administrators, and your school superintendent.


Want to teach music? This informative flyer from NAfME is intended for current teachers, parents, administrators, and students and includes information on, a project of the Teach Music Coalition, of which NAfME is a member. Information on the includes:

  • Why choose a career in music education?
  • How to become a music teacher
  • Information about NAfME support through Tri-M Honor Society, collegiate, and active memberships
Download the Flyer


The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has partnered with the NAMM Foundation to provide resources that explore the range of opportunities available for careers in the music and creative industries. Opportunities specific to music education include:

  • K-12 Music Educator
  • Early Childhood Music Educator
  • Private Lesson Music Educator
  • College Professor

Visit the NFHS Careers in Music page for more information and resources.


The NAMM Foundation also has resources to learn about careers in music, including:

  • Why choose a career in music?
  • Paths to consider
  • Exploring a career in music
  • Guiding voices
  • Additional resources

Visit the NAMM Foundation Careers in Music page for more information.