High School Music Participation Recognition

This recognition is given to any Nebraska high school whose music program demonstrates high involvement in music courses and activities. It recognizes the effectiveness of programs that offer attractive music curricula as well as those that excel in the recruitment and retention of students. Schools which meet the criteria will hold the award for three years, during which time they may reapply for the award at the same or different level of membership. Schools selected, if called upon, agree to serve NMEA as a resource on the topics of programming, scheduling, recruitment and retention of music students. Serving as a resource might include examples of:
  • How scheduling allows students to stay involved in music
  • How the school, administration and faculty recruit students into their music department
  • What kind of curriculum is used to retain students

NMEA agrees to allow ample time for schools to comply to this request. Criteria and submission instructions are included on the application form which is due by October 1.

Download the Application

2017 Award Winners