Celebrating 80 Years of Music Education in Nebraska

Our mission: To foster life-long learning and active music-making by all Nebraskans!

The Nebraska Music Education Association (NMEA) is a non-profit organization of music educators founded in 1937. To achieve the goals of our mission, we provide continuing education opportunities, recognition, scholarships and advocacy to our educators. For their students, we offer education, auditions, competitions and performance opportunities. All members and member students are eligible to attend the annual All-State Conference and Clinic held in November each year.

The Benefits of Membership

In addition to the opportunity to participate in the annual All-State Conference and Clinic, your NMEA membership allows you to connect and network with other music educators across the state. NMEA's leadership and staff work hard to advocate for music education and bring you important information concerning the music education profession.

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NMEA Board Releases Bylaws Draft

In April 2017, NMEA’s Executive Board adopted amendments to the Association’s Articles of Incorporation to change the name from “Educators” to “Education.”  With this change, it was necessary to review other governing documents, namely the Bylaws. A comprehensive review of the Bylaws with comparison to current practices of the Board had not been done for many years. This review resulted in taking “model” nonprofit bylaws (in conformity with Nebraska nonprofit law), and incorporating aspects of NMEA’s current bylaws and practices (traditions) that were legal. Adopting the proposed draft in its entirety will replace previous Bylaws and accomplish these purposes:

1. Change all bylaw references to the new legal name.
2. Provide more structure to the governance and operation of the association.
3. Provide overall guidance on what the board can do, how board members are elected, their terms, how/when they meet, voting procedures, etc.; along with membership rights (voting and voice).
4. Ensure compliance with Nebraska nonprofit law. (Statutory citations are included in various places.)

Comments and suggestions to the review bylaws drafts will be accepted through October 16 through our online "Bulletin Board."  Log in to the site and click on "Bulletin Board" under your name tag. Voting on the draft will be done electronically from October 18 to November 17, 2017. 

Although the news Bylaws will replace the old version, you may download a copy of the current bylaws by clicking here