Celebrating 80 Years of Music Education in Nebraska

Our mission: To foster life-long learning and active music-making by all Nebraskans!

The Nebraska Music Educators Association (NMEA) is a non-profit organization of music educators founded in 1937. To achieve the goals of our mission, we provide continuing education opportunities, recognition, scholarships and advocacy to our educators. For their students, we offer education, auditions, competitions and performance opportunities. All members and member students are eligible to attend the annual All-State Conference and Clinic held in November each year.

The Benefits of Membership

In addition to the opportunity to participate in the annual All-State Conference and Clinic, your NMEA membership allows you to connect and network with other music educators across the state. The NMEA leadership and staff work hard to advocate for music education and bring you important information concerning the music education profession.

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Sing Across Nebraska!

All students in Nebraska schools will sing “Happy Birthday Nebraska” on March 1, 2017 at the same time. We are trying to set the record for the most people to sing “Happy Birthday” to a state. Schools should still be in session at 2:20 p.m. and can do it during an assembly as they watch on NET. There will be a link to a form on the NE150 website. Each school will fill out the number of people who sang and directly email the event coordinator. The final count will be submitted as the proof for the record.

Please help us set the record by following these steps:
1.    Ask your principal to plan a school assembly on the Statehood day to sing at approximately 2:20 pm, OR
2.    Ask all teachers in your school to show the televised (NET) ceremony at the Capitol in their own classrooms, and have the students sing along.
3.    Submit the number of people who sang together from your school/classrooms.

Here is the link to this officially approved event on Nebraska Statehood 150 website: https://ne150.org/calendar/sing-across-nebraska/.  Join in the celebration! Tell everyone you know to participate!