2021 All-State Jazz Band Audition Materials

The following audition materials for the 2021 All-State Jazz Band are broken down by instrument. Click each link to download the audition materials. Drummers will be expected to know the Drum Kit Jazz Style Patterns found in their section. The student will be asked to play all three of the patterns contained on the Drum Kit Style Patterns sheet.

All etudes should be performed with the provided play-a-long tracks. Scales and drum set style patterns should be performed unaccompanied.


Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Vibes Jazz Scales Set A Vibes Audition Etude A-1 Vibes Etude A-1 Track
  Vibes Audition Etude A-2 Vibes Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
 Trumpet Jazz Scales Set A  Trumpet Audition Etude A-1  Trumpet Etude A-1 Track
   Trumpet Audition Etude A-2  Trumpet Etude A-2 Track
   LEAD Trumpet Audition Etude A-1  LEAD Trumpet Etude A-1 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Ten. Trombone Jazz Scales Set A Ten. Trombone Audition Etude A-1 Ten. Trombone Etude A-1 Track
  Ten. Trombone Audition Etude A-2 Ten. Trombone Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Bass Trombone Jazz Scales Set A Bass Trombone Audition Etude A-1 Bass Trombone Etude A-1 Track
  Bass Trombone Audition Etude A-2 Bass Trombone Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Piano Jazz Scales Set A Piano Audition Etude A-1 Piano Etude A-1 Track
  Piano Audition Etude A-2 Piano Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Guitar Jazz Scales Set A Guitar Audition Etude A-1 Guitar Etude A-1 Track
  Guitar Audition Etude A-2 Guitar Etude A-2 Track



Kit Style Patterns Etudes Etude Tracks
Jazz Drum Kit Style Patterns Set A Drum Set Audition Etude A-1 Drum Set Etude A-1 Track
  Drum Set Audition Etude A-2 Drum Set Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Bass Jazz Scales Set A Bass Audition Etude A-1 Bass Etude A-1 Track
  Bass Audition Etude A-2 Bass Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Bari Sax Jazz Scales Set A Bari Sax Audition Etude A-1 Bari Sax Etude A-1 Track
  Bari Sax Audition Etude A-2 Bari Sax Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Tenor Sax Jazz Scales Set A Tenor Sax Audition Etude A-1 Tenor Sax Etude A-1 Track
  Tenor Sax Audition Etude A-2 Tenor Sax Etude A-2 Track



Scales Etudes Etude Tracks
Alto Sax Jazz Scales Set A Alto Sax Audition Etude A-1 Alto Sax Etude A-1 Track
  Alto Sax Audition Etude A-2 Alto Sax Etude A-2 Track



Audition manuals are available to download by clicking the buttons below.

2021 Auditions Manual & General Info 
2021 Jazz Band Auditions Manual