2022 All-State Chorus Audition Materials

NMEA will again utilize the services of OpusEvent to collect student auditions. Please note that the arpeggio section has been eliminated and that sight reading has been added to the All-State Chorus auditions for 2022. Auditions will include:

  • Scales
  • Sight Reading
  • Excerpts from the All-State Chorus music (which will be made available on the NMEA website on September 22)

All available audition materials are listed below.

1. All-State Scales

Scales should be performed without accompaniment. Only the tonic pitch will be sounded 4 times in tempo. 

  • Soprano and Tenor: F major ascending and descending one time only a cappella
  • Alto and Bass: B flat major ascending and descending one time only a cappella

The rehearsal tracks for scales can be downloaded by clicking the links below. 

Soprano/Tenor Scales
Alto/Bass Scales

2. Sight Reading Documents

Sight Reading Component Guidelines

Sight Reading Sample Exercises (click the name of each voice part to download)

3. All-State Chorus Music Excerpts (available on the NMEA website on September 22)


Rehearsal tracks for the 2022-All-State Chorus are now available for purchase. This year NMEA is partnering with Choral Tracks to provide rehearsal tracks for S1, S2, A1, A2, T1, T2, B1, and B2 at the cost of $14 each. Click the link below to purchase the tracks through the Choral Tracks website. 

Purchase Rehearsal Tracks

Questions about rehearsal tracks can be sent to the Executive Director at [email protected]

Teachers and students are reminded that rehearsal tracks are intended for sale to single, individual students. NMEA asks teachers to be on the honor system and not purchase a set (a "set" is one of each voice part) and distribute them to multiple students. Anyone making an individual order is asked to not share their purchased MP3s with anyone else.


Auditions manuals and region guides for the 2022 All-State Chorus will be available in the fall.