2021 All-State Orchestra Audition Materials

NMEA will again utilize the services of OpusEvent to collect student auditions. Auditions will include:
  • Scales
  • Etudes Set 3 from common repertoire (For some instruments, there may be multiple etudes.)
  • An excerpt from the All-State Orchestra music (which will be made available on the NMEA website in August)

All available audition materials are listed below.

1. All-State Scale Sheets (click each link to download)

Major Scales Minor Scales
Bass Major Scales Bass Minor Scales
Cello Major Scales Cello Minor Scales
Viola Major Scales Viola Minor Scales
Violin Major Scales Violin Minor Scales


2. All-State Etudes (click each link to download)

WITH Bowings WITHOUT Bowings
Bass Etudes Bowed  Bass Etudes
Cello Etudes Bowed Cello Etudes
Viola Etudes Bowed Viola Etudes
Violin Etudes Bowed Violin Etudes
  Harp Etudes


3. All-State Orchestra Music Excerpt (will be available on NMEA website in August)