Handouts from Conference/Clinic

Each Conference/Clinic clinician could upload their handouts. You may access those handouts on the webpage HERE. Handouts will be available through December 21.

2017 Conference/Clinic Glance Schedules

Thursday Glance Schedule for Children's Chorus, Collegiate and Tri-M Symposiums (updated 11/1/17)

Friday Glance Schedule (updated 11/1/17)

Saturday Glance Schedule

Student Schedule

As a reminder, video and/or audio recordings of rehearsals and concerts is strictly prohibited except by NMEA personnel.



2017 Presider Responsibilities

NMEA is looking for volunteers to be session presiders for November's Conference/Clinic.  If there is a session you are planning to attend and would be willing to act as a presider while you're there, please contact Carmen Campbell, NMEA Elementary/General Music Chair to sign up. Questions about presiders may also be directed to Carmen.


Presider Responsibilities