NMEA Education Summit

The NMEA Music Education Summit on September 18, 2015 was a great success. Hosts Lance Nielsen and Judy Bush created a thought provoking agenda. It was a lively day; and if you missed it, here are several of the handouts around which the discussion and activities orbited:

The collegiate faculty members also gathered for a follow-up discussion at the NMEA Conference on Thursday, November 19 and discussed music teacher education issues, including the new endorsements and standards.

Among the suggestions for future summits are:
• Gathering and sharing information on what various colleges are doing with regard to teacher preparation
• Determining if there is room to continue to collaborate and refine with regard to the endorsements, or if we have passed purely into the implementation phase
• Developing a faster system of communication among the colleges/universities regarding 300-level entrance expectations for transfer students, as well as other collaboration. This network could also disseminate any new information on state legislation and its impact on the profession
• Identifying and developing more opportunities for collaboration in general
• Discussion and brainstorming with regard to assessment, including the impact of the new state fine arts standards on assessment