NMEA Conference/In-Service Clinic

The annual NMEA Conference/Clinic will be held November 16-18, 2017 (Thursday-Saturday) in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Call for Proposals for Conference Sessions and Performing Ensembles for the 2017 Conference is now OPEN!  The deadline for submitting a session proposal is March 1, and the deadline for submitting a proposal for a performing ensemble is May 1.  Submit your proposals through our online portal

Jeff Mount, President Elect and Conference Chair

Map of Downtown Lincoln
2017 Hotel List 

2017 Expo Information

2017 Conference/Clinic Registration Fees 

2017 Children's Choir Registration Fees

SCHEDULES - View Conference Schedules and Presider Responsibilities 

Future Dates:
2018 – Wednesday–Friday, November 14-16
2019 – Thursday-Saturday, November 21-23

NMEA conference dates were chosen to take advantage of the availability of hotels and conference facilities. Please put the dates of the NMEA Conference on your school calendars and notify all necessary school officials. Working several years ahead will help avoid conflicts with other school activities.

National Conference Date Information available on the NAfME website.

NMEA complies with the UNL Youth Activity and Safety Policy which can be found here.