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Advocacy/ESSA Webinar Now Available

On December 3, 2016 Lynn Tuttle, Director of Content and Policy for NAfME, presented a Workshop/Webinar entitled Legislation 101-Advocating for Your Music Programs in Nebraska. This Workshop/Webinar, was the kickoff to our efforts and planning to reach educators and administrators in the schools as well as State Senators starting in January. You may access a YouTube video of the webinar HERE.

New ESSA Information!

Important Information for key stakeholders in: 1. Fine Arts Education, 2. High Ability Learning, 3. Twice Exceptional Learners, 4. Needs of ALL students in Nebraska.

Nebraska Department of Education ESSA Information:

"It is to our benefit to be our own best advocates as federal monies have been set aside to directly help us in ALL fine arts areas, high-ability learning, and professional development.  Please read the time line carefully.  Please think how best ESSA funds will serve our precious Nebraska learners.  Please take advantage of the opportunity for input (see above for email)." - Debbie DeFrain, Nebraska Department of Education

NMEA Advocacy Task Force (ATF)

The purpose of the task force is to develop a program for advocacy efforts at the local level and promote funding opportunities available for music educators and programs in ESSA. With that in mind, its goals are:

1. To develop a communication strategy that will reach all music educators in Nebraska.

2. To develop a grassroots program with contacts from all 49 legislative districts.

3. To develop an action plan that music educators can use to promote, support, and advance music education through ESSA.

The task force will use resources and personnel from NAfME, tool kits, marketing and promotional materials in part to enact the state plan and program.  If you wish to be considered for appointment for this task force, please sign-up with this form

2016 National Advocacy

An entourage of NMEA leaders traveled to Washington, D.C. for the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) kick off of its annual Collegiate Advocacy Summit and Hill Day event on June 23, 2016. NMEA leaders presented “asks” on music education access under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in meetings with senators and representatives (photos below). In addition to state leadership representing all 50 states, about 100 collegiate members who are pre-service music educators advocated for music education when they visited legislators on Capitol Hill.

Last year NAfME members sent more than 20,000 letters and phone calls to Capitol Hill calling for the passage of ESSA, including the enumeration of “music” as a part of the “well-rounded education” provision. Now, NAfME is leading in the regulatory process and preparing music educators and other stakeholders as ESSA begins implementation this August. Read more about ESSA here.







NMEA representatives meet with Senator Fischer






Meeting with Representative Fortenberry